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Dancer of the Year 2016

Hello, My name is Kari Maney.

I am 16 years old and a rising Junior at McDowell High School. I am the daughter of Sharon Maney and Roger Maney. I have been dancing at Miss Jacie’s for 13 years.  I am in Senior Concert and Senior Baton. I am also one of Miss Jacie’s and Miss Kristi’s helpers with the younger dancers.

This year I was very honored to be crowned Dancer of the Year. It was very unexpected and I appreciate it very much.

I enjoy coming to class every week and always try to bring my best to every class, competition and performance. I also enjoy helping, teaching and being a role model for the younger dancers.

Dancing helps me to have self confidence and is good exercise. I am thankful for all my dance teachers and appreciate all the sacrifices that they and my parents do to make dancing possible for me.